Algoé’s CSR policy

We strive to make Algoé a socially responsible company in the broadest sense of the term, meaning social responsibility within our company and social involvement “outside our walls.”

This commitment is reflected in our:

  • Career path where employees can grow and enhance their employability
  • Choice to participate in social challenges facing our country and help develop innovative solutions to encourage our employees to get involved personally

Social responsibility within Algoé
A certified ethical company

Our strict requirements for our methods and practices have allowed us to be labelled as a “certified ethical company.”

  • Our consultants’ ethical qualities, respect for the rules of conduct for the consulting industry and Algoé’s ethical standards are audited by AFNOR on a regular basis as part of the certified Skills Label, awarded by the representative union of the consulting industry, “Consult’in France.”  
  • AFNOR’s 2016 audit recognised Algoé’s excellence in this area.
Diversity Charter

Algoé upholds its commitments to promote pluralism and diversity and has therefore signed the Diversity Charter.

Employment of disabled people

Algoé has taken a proactive approach to supporting the employment of disabled people.  We have taken concrete steps within our company and in our policies for purchasing services.

Committees for our social commitments

Committees develop and implement our social commitments:

  • “Professional equality” committee
  • “Mobility” committee
  • Integration of individuals excluded from the workforce  
Professional development and employability

At Algoé we strive to give our employees the opportunity to continue their professional development throughout their career. That’s why we developed an internal academy in 2002 which offers structured professional development programs in the company’s different business areas and practices.

Support for our employees’ community involvement

As a corporate citizen, Algoé facilitates the development of original initiatives. Our staff can take concrete steps to get involved in the community. We have developed seven ways to get involved:

algoé_algorev logoAlgorev, a pioneer in skills-based sponsorship

Algorev is an association created over 15 years ago as an initiative by Algoé employees to implement skills-based sponsoring services:

  • Volunteer employees carry out consulting assignments free of charge for non-profit associations and foundations.
  • This programme is open to Algoé alumni, providing opportunities for creating intergenerational working teams which encourage the transfer of skills and experience.
  • This model is original in its three-way commitment between employee, company and association: half of the work is carried out during working hours and the other half is completed in the employee’s personal time.  The association is committed to providing compensation.
Pro bono Consulting

Algoé regularly participates in pro bono consulting work in which our volunteer consultants contribute their expertise to public interest initiatives at no charge.  Our pro bono work mainly involves the cultural sphere.

Logo Co Conseil Algoé

CO: a cooperative community-oriented company (SCIC)

In 2014 Algoé teamed up with three other consulting firms (Weave, Colombus and Kea Partners), to create “CO,” a consulting firm dedicated to projects with social impact.  This initiative allows associations which do not typically have the resources to afford consulting services to benefit from strategic consulting and boost their development plan.
Visit the CO website: www.co-conseil.fr

Active participation in social debates to foster innovations

Algoé has formed a number of partnerships with different representatives of civil society and with university players who are active in the field of social innovation. .

Co-branding of open, participation-based innovation events

Algoé supports the European Lab forum (Arty Farty) which is active in all the cultural spheres involved in current economic, technological and democratic issues.

Cultural sponsorship

For years, Algoé has provided financial support or volunteers for social, academic, cultural or architectural fields. For example, Algoé is a sponsor of “Nuits Sonores,” a cultural festival in Lyon.

Entrepreneurship Network

As an active member, Algoé participates in the project validation process, involvement committees, and supports the winning entrepreneurs.
Visit the website: www.reseau-entreprendre.org