Knowledge and Expertise
The true capital of an organisation is intangible. It relies on the expertise and practices of its employees. It is essential to capitalise on and enhance these assets, but this requires know-how in equipping teams with knowledge and skills. Internal training is a key issue in the development of organisations. Algoé is a recognised training organisation.
What makes us special to our clients

Algoé consultants help pass on both technical and behavioural skills. Through high-quality professional development programmes, they establish measures for capitalising on these skills and passing them on to other employees. They also know how to assess the effectiveness of training initiatives.

Algoé ways and means

We’re developing new teaching methods based on digital technologies and innovative concepts (forum theatre, serious games, online self-evaluation system etc.) The internal Algoé Academy is a place for experimentation where we optimise our educational engineering. Algoé instructors participate in educational commissions and teach at leading engineering and business schools.

Career paths now involve a vast array of subjects and channels. The instructors of today are working professionals and facilitators rather than intellectuals.They serve as guides who direct the “learners.”

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Our insight helps answer these frequently-asked questions from our clients:
How can we make our teams take on a more proactive role in their professional development?
Can you design and manage the implementation of a training programme adapted to the size of our organisation?
Can you provide us with training programmes resulting in certification?
How do you involve managers in their teams’ professional development when they have little time to spare?
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