Knowledge and Expertise

Innovating for the sake of innovating is pointless!
Innovation only creates value when it is linked to an organisation’s management and processes.   

Cross-functionality and collaboration are the keys to successful innovation management.

What makes us special to our clients

Algoé consultants rely on creativity and collective interdisciplinary intelligence. They know how to find the right dose of management between individuals and teams.  

Hierarchical structures often hinder innovation. By taking advantage of our close relationships with players who are open to innovation, organising dialogue and communities, and learning from feedback across all sectors, our consultants have gained an in-depth understanding of risky situations and key factors for success.

The Algoé Way

In order to develop innovative product and service offerings and effectively manage innovation in organisations, the expertise of Algoé consultants helps our clients:

  • Redesign innovation practices using Algoé’s “innovation management frameworks” which combine value proposition, innovation strategy, innovative design, key resources, protection and promotion, organisation and management.    
  • Organise research, the role of the R&D department and interactions with the marketing and commercial production departments.
  • Set up and provide support for innovative projects and programmes.
  • Design, support, form and manage partner-based innovation systems bringing together private and public stakeholders.
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time to market
DNA and culture of innovation
managerial leadership
open innovation
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Our insight helps answer these frequently-asked questions from our clients:
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How can we redesign innovation practices and innovation management in our company?
How can we organise research, the role of the R&D department and interactions with the marketing and commercial production departments?
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