Sectors and Industries
« Faced with new initiatives from patients or healthcare professionals (health democracy, university), and changes of the sector (privatisation, grouping together of sub-sectors etc.), Algoé’s healthcare teams provide tailored support services.  
Against this backdrop, our priorities are focused on four major areas:
  • Developing new structures to improve the patient pathway and availability of treatment.  
  • Adapting structures to encourage closer links between sectors  
  • Financing innovative projects and developing ecosystems for partner-based research
  • Changes in careers and skills in the healthcare sector
Our practices are especially directed towards:
  • Developing and coordinating collaborative integrated research projects (cognitive and clinical)
  • Carrying out feasibility studies and providing support for creating research infrastructures
  • Support for healthcare professionals (coaching)
  • Support in carrying out projects for facilities and for participative services.
  • Introducing new organisation models with the aim of making patients the main focus of hospitals’ activities   
  • Supporting the medical device industry as it transitions from selling products to selling services
  • Studying the impact of development and construction projects on health  
  • Optimising traffic flows to reduce treatment time and improve quality
Our clients value our excellence in:
  • Our in-depth understanding of all the stakeholders in the industry and their interactions: healthcare facilities, public authorities, industrial groups, research structures etc.
  • Our ability to manage complex, innovative, collaborative projects (national and international) involving all of the industry’s ecosystems
  • Our multidisciplinary teams (engineering, life sciences, political sciences, business and management) which help us respond to cross-cutting issues
  • Our proficiency in engaging clinicians, researchers and patient representatives in meaningful dialogue
Our clients
Public stakeholders, operators and manufacturers active in the following areas:

Healthcare industries

Industries pharmaceutiques
Fabricants d’équipements

Centres for fundamental and applied research

Structures de recherche publique
Structures de recherche privée

Public authorities and administrations

Autorités de régulation et de contrôle
Agences régionales
Sécurité Sociale et mutuelles

Healthcare and medical-social institutions

Centres de soins