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Local Authorities & Territorial Development
Envisioning the city of tomorrow in a different way has lead territorial stakeholders to reinvent themselves. In doing so, they turn the constraints of the scarcity of public resources into a real opportunity, by changing how they approach the various changes and adaptations required for these territories. A perfect interplay between public and private initiatives will be one of the most effective drivers of opportunity.
Against this backdrop, our priorities focus on four major areas:
  • Enabling each player to restore its position in the new territorial organisation.
  • Optimising the mobilisation of public resources, both human and financial  
  • Seeking private resources in an appropriate manner
  • Developing innovative approaches for creating value in public policies
Our practices are especially directed towards:
  • Transformation of public organisations (merger, pooling, territorialisation, optimisation)
  • Development of territorial projects (SRADDET, SCOT, PLUi, PDU, Master plans etc.)
  • Urban, economic and social planning to develop new uses for the City of Tomorrow  
  • Management and financing of urban and societal innovation  
  • Joint development and management of urban projects with partners
Our clients value our excellence in:
  • Our proven ability to bring together territories and cities
  • Expertise in creative facilitation and in creating synergy between public and private stakeholder systems  
  • Our talent for organising structures and projects and setting them in motion
  • Our teams’ perfectly integrated blend of solid strategic and operational expertise
Our clients
Major cities, inter-municipal associations, ministries, public and private operators active in the following areas:


Planification territoriale
Grands projets urbains.
Équipements structurants.
Mutations économiques des territoires.
Développement du capital humain des territoires.
Politique de la ville.
Attractivité, marketing territorial


Planification territoriale
Équipements structurants.
Mutations économiques des territoires.
Attractivité, marketing territorial


Planification territoriale
Grands projets d’infrastructures
Équipements structurants.
Mutations économiques des territoires
Attractivité, marketing territorial


Grands projets urbains.
Équipements structurants
Politiques industrielles

Opérateurs publics et privés