Knowledge and Expertise
Algoé coaches help and support individuals or groups with personal and professional development in order to quickly achieve results with high added value in the long-term.
What makes us special to our clients
  • Algoé coaches intervene in both the private and public sectors in complex, multicultural and multidisciplinary environments which are rapidly changing.  
  • Our coaches understand the specific characteristics and the ins and outs of an organisation: their role in organisations has provided them with an understanding of the constraints of legislation and assessment.  
  • Algoé’s wealth of human capital draws on complementarity and encounters between professionals from scientific, social and humanities backgrounds.
  • At Algoé we know the difference between coaching and consulting.


As an authorised Syntec Coaching firm, we respect the coaching charter and its key points: commitment of the coachee, confidentiality, ethics, supervision.
Algoé ways and means
  • Our coaching is focused on the individual or team as part of the organisation, with its challenges, culture and objectives.
  • Coachees are considered sources for solutions, which the coach helps draw out and build upon by expanding the sphere of possibilities through questioning.
  • In our coaching process coachees play a major role in their changes.
  • Our coaches are involved in an internal community of coaches and consultants, thereby encouraging their own professional development.
difficult moments
career advancement
conflict management
Stress, QWL
functional management
team building
personal development
Our insight helps answer these frequently-asked questions from our clients:
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