Knowledge and Expertise
Transformation(s) and Performance(s)
Our experience has shown that the key to a successful transformation is to start out with a socio-cultural analysis, then map out the trajectories of the different populations, thereby limiting resistance to change. These obstacles will then diminish through action and targeted and transitional actions.
What makes us special to our clients

To increase employee engagement, and therefore long-term performance, we work in collaboration with our clients to decide how to proceed.We transfer our practices in order to ensure a successful transformation by helping employees take ownership of the transformation process. All steps of the transformation process are developed and implemented in a socially-responsible manner.

The Algoé Way

Our services are based on tools and methods which promote the development of solutions at every level of a company. This allows us to identify skills to strengthen, define the target staff, adapt organisations’ effectiveness and working methods and strengthen the role of management at every level.

That is why we leverage complementary skills for transformation projects: change engineering, HR, management, social dialogue, project management, operational excellence.

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managerial support services
culture shock
operational excellence
social dialogue
Our insight helps answer these frequently-asked questions from our clients:
How can we make our organisation more agile?
How can we manage growth and decline depending on our activities?
How can we create a meaningful social dialogue?
How can we implement a digital project that will mobilise all generations?
How can we satisfy internal clients while ensuring the cost objective following the pooling of services?
How can we encourage close collaboration between the Board of Directors and local managers in the context of a merger?
How can we renew the drive of our teams following restructuring?
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