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Energy & Environment
Energy and ecological transition, digital economy, data mining, European coordination and opening up to Europe, decentralisation of skills, budgetary constraints and economic performance of various stakeholders etc. The energy and environmental sector is changing rapidly and must respond to and anticipate this array of challenges.
Against this backdrop, our priorities are focused on:
  • Helping territories and companies embark on a path of energy transition in compliance with, or going beyond, new regulations
  • Reconsidering investment strategies and implementing these strategies successfully
  • Putting new policies and business organisations in place
  • Establishing conditions for territories and stakeholders to engage in a dialogue about projects, in order to guarantee acceptability
  • Successful implementation of “smart” solutions and digital technology
Our practices are especially directed towards:
  • Organising and coordinating projects, from idea conception to operational excellence once in use
  • Leading innovative initiatives for cooperation and setting up collaborative projects
  • Leading energy and ecological planning initiatives at different levels (master plans for infrastructure and territories, PCAET (Territorial Energy Air Climate Plan), TEPOS (Positive Energy Territory), circular economy initiatives)
  • Developing service offerings incorporating new business models
Our clients value our excellence in the following areas:
  • Our solid understanding of the public-private ecosystem of the energy and utilities sector
  • Our ability to rapidly integrate the technical, regulatory, and organisational knowledge essential to their projects
  • Our mastery of all project management methods, which allows us to choose the most suitable approach for each situation
  • Our ability to be attentive to our clients and take account of the human factor in all of our projects
  • The originality and effectiveness of our proven methods for cooperation and joint development of solutions
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