Knowledge and Expertise
Project and Programme Management
Today’s leaders face increasingly complex projects: a changing environment, multiple stakeholders, data and information overload, combined with social, financial, technical, contractual risks and uncertainty etc.)
What makes us special to our clients
  • Our ability to articulate strategic and operative aspects
  • Our expertise in preparing and providing support for making decisions
  • Our practices that help ensure the success of their projects
The Algoé way

Algoé consultants know how to navigate between operational (short-term actions) and strategic aspects.
Their contributions help leaders make decisions and look ahead with the project team, enabling them to better anticipate and manage a project, instead of merely “monitoring” it. Our consultants combine methods for managing complex projects with insight into sector-specific issues, while incorporating the regulatory and contractual environment of projects.

They also provide benchmarks and a comprehensive approach in order to take account of operational processes and “human processes” (team composition and way of working, leadership mechanisms, taking action and mobilisation).

Project performance
Team dynamics
responding to needs
project portfolio
project coordination assistance
training, transfer
Our insight helps answer these frequently-asked questions from our clients:
How can we make our project meaningful (again)?
How can we optimise our allocation of resources (jobs/projects)?
How can we make our programme visible (360°)?
Which form of governance should we choose for each project and for the portfolio?
How can we increase agility in our teams?
How can we renew the drive of a struggling team?
How much independence should we give to project teams?
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