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European Network
Algoé is one of the co-founders of the SPACE Management Consulting Europ Ltd network, which groups together 5 management consultancy firms.

SPACE covers 7 regions:

  • Scandinavia
  • Germany, Switzerland, Austria
  • Italy
  • Great Britain, Ireland
  • Belgium, the Netherlands
  • France
  • The Mediterranean

The group’s main aim is to strengthen the competitive position of each partner and better serve our clients in their region.

We exchange best practices with other consultants several times a year in order to enhance our expertise.  Every year, we conduct benchmarking studies on management practices with our clients.  In recent years, studies have focused on a panel of 400-600 companies and public organisations.   We have created guides based on we have learned from these studies:

  • Open innovation
  • Company DNA and innovation
  • Managing independent teams
  • Organisational agility

Learn about Space, our European network: www.space-consulting.eu


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