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What you can expect from Algoé
Guaranteed employability

You will acquire professional skills in management consulting which will easily transfer to other organisations or to creating a business.

Working for an independent firm

Algoé is independent from any engineering firm, temporary agency or IT consulting firm, guaranteeing the objectivity of your recommendations. The majority of the capital is owned by Algoé employees.

The social climate of a close-knit company

With 160 consultants and just over 200 employees in all, Algoé is a close-knit company where you will be recognised as an individual and appreciated, and where you can truly personalize your career path.  There is permeability between the different expertise and sectors.

Possibilities for autonomy and expressing your talents

You will be encouraged to take initiatives while always receiving supervision in your assignments and support from managers. Teamwork, an essential part of Algoé, stimulates creativity and allows all team members to exchange content and practices.

Taking on responsibility

During your assignments you will be placed in situations of responsibility at our clients’ companies: conducting interviews, leading meetings, creating and presenting reports etc. You will acquire Algoé methods and approaches in order to become fully operational in a short time and be able to take on responsibility.

Support for your community involvement

You can get involved in Algoé’s community involvement initiatives such as skills-based sponsorship and consulting work for non-profit social economy associations.