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Financial Services

Rapidly changing lifestyles, the diversification of distribution channels and the steady rise of “new” players (large retail outlets, web, GAFA, telecom operators etc.) have moved companies in this sector to reinvent their products and services, customer relations, and even their business models.
The underlying trend is for “Connected, Smart, Agile and Social” organisations.

Against this backdrop, our priorities are focused on six major areas:
  • Being responsive in marketing products and services: fast and tailored
  • Taking advantage of investments made in digital solutions
  • Developing innovative organisational models to foster greater cooperation and employee autonomy
  • Reinventing the concept of being close to customers, segment by segment
  • Speeding up employee professional development, especially in terms of rapidly integrating the impacts of regulatory changes on professions and skills
  • Supporting managers in coordinating transitional phases
Our practices are especially directed towards:
  • Modelling, choosing and implementing new organisations: structure, process, governance
  • Organising and coordinating tangible and intangible investment projects
  • Innovative policies for careers and skills, requiring anticipation and support for these changes
  • HR policies combining quality of working life and team performance
  • Decoding and implementing action plans using the results of social climate surveys and polls (occupational stress, CSR, QWL etc.)
  • Developing new managerial practices to address transformations in organisations (digital, agility, horizontality, flexibility, autonomy etc.)
Our clients value our excellence in these areas:
  • Our ability to ensure the success of the most complicated programmes
  • Our expertise in passing skills on to teams and speeding up transformations
  • Our efforts to truly take account of the human factor and social dialogue in planning and managing transformations
  • Our proven risk analysis practices for projects and new activities
  • Our expertise in motivating and engaging client teams to achieve their objectives
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Banques centrales, banques d’affaires et commerciales


Compagnies d’assurances : santé, prévoyance, retraite, épargne