A Unique Company

Algoé was created in Lyon in 1959 to provide consulting expertise for small and mid-sized business in the Rhône-Alpes Region. Then it expanded geographically and in terms of clients, to cover the entire territory and serve major accounts in the public and private sectors.


The 1960s
Algoé starts down the path of providing organisational services for companies. New laws for continuous training enable companies to access management consulting services through training initiatives for the first time.

Early on, Algoé became interested in the problems and requirements involved in organising complex projects.  Consultants adopted the PERT method and became pioneers in implementing the Algorithm programme. This mainly concerned building, housing and hotel operations, especially as part of tourism development in the Alpine region. This marked the beginning of our experience in the property sector which has continued to this day.


The 1970s
This decade is marked by the strengthening of Algoé’s core business, organisational services for companies and project management, which really started to take off. Algoé’s work now leads to technical investments. This was the beginning of our cooperation with the manufacturing and services sector.

Algoé launched new services, especially in the human resources and recruitment sector. This area grew considerably during the 1980s.


The 1980s
Algoé was called on to organise sporting events with the management of the World Cycling Championship in Chambéry (1980) and the Albertville Olympic Games (1992). This expertise lives on today.

This decade saw Algoé develop infrastructure projects for roads, railways, airports and public transportation, marking the beginning of our involvement in the transport sector.  And it is also at this time that our expertise in management and innovation began.

Algoé’s consulting services for organisations, HR and projects developed with major clients in the industrial, health and energy sectors.


The 1990s
Algoé lay the foundation for its expansion into the Paris region and its services develop rapidly, especially with head offices of leading companies in the energy, health, industrial and bank/insurance sectors.

Algoé increasingly collaborated with territorial authorities in the areas of planning, urban projects and increasing attractiveness.  We are still active in these areas today.


The 2000s
Algoé became specialised in management consulting: projects, organisation, development, HR

We shifted our strategy to focus on key accounts, relying on more in-depth knowledge about the specific challenges of our clients’ sectors (local authorities, transport, property, energy, healthcare,
industry and services, banks/insurances).

This choice strengthened client loyalty through our ability to satisfy those who benefit from our services.   
In 2002 the creation of Algorev (a French association under the 1901 law) provided pro bono management consulting services to humanitarian organisations.


The 2010s
The periods of economic downturn lead to a rise in our clients’ requests for optimisation of their organisations.

The questions of mobility and social dialogue are addressed very often, particularly following restructuring and mergers.
We are increasingly entrusted with the management of complex projects and programmes.

“Do more with less” becomes a frequent request, which we respond to with new project portfolio management methods.