Ways and means
Our Positioning

We respond to market issues with a high level of sector-specific expertise, close relationships with our clients and a determination to provide tailored services.

We specialise in “pure” management consulting with a balance of both the private competitive sector and public services.

Algoé consultants do not offer “turnkey” solutions. Instead, we rely on our proven and continually updated methodologies. Our approach is original in the synergy it creates through the proximity of the complementary resources we own within our company.

Our consultants’ recommendations are based on detailed analysis of clients’ needs, challenges and risks. They work with clients to develop the right solution and guide staff through every step of the process, ensuring skills transfer and guaranteeing the success of the project as well as the continual advancement of the organisation.

Algoé independence

When clients choose Algoé they are choosing a partner with no commitments to any type of service provider (such as digital service providers, engineering companies or project developers).

This guarantees our total independence when acting as project coordinator. In addition, Algoé’s governance and employee shareholding scheme have allowed the firm to maintain control over its capital, adding to its independence and guaranteeing loyalty to its clients.  

What our clients value

Our clients continue to place their trust in us over many years, thus proving their level of satisfaction with our services.

A specific assessment is carried out for each assignment we undertake.
An analysis of Algoé’s 300 most recent satisfaction questionnaires has found that our clients especially value our:

  • Consultants’ personalities
  • Close working relationships
  • Ability to assume responsibility for the roles we take on
  • Appropriate attitudes
  • Operational expertise
  • Sector-specific knowledge
  • Passing on of experience acquired from other organisations

Algoé Academy: our practices

We choose to focus on management consultancy in its various areas of application (projects, organisation, development, human resources) that align with a logical framework of skills.

Against a backdrop of increasingly complex systems, it is essential to focus on be highly specialised areas and continue to develop professionally. The Algoé Academy develops and formalises our strategic professional development.