Knowledge and Expertise
Human Resources
Our experience has shown us that HR processes only create value if they are understood by managers and passed on in their daily practices. And management practices are only meaningful if they enable individuals and organisations to grow.

What makes us special to our clients

We rely on our extensive experience to support and ensure the success of complicated, sensitive HR projects. Algoé is independent from any software publishing company or major temporary agency.
We combine our know-how with the expertise of lawyers and social law experts. Our consultants work closely with your teams to ensure the transfer of skills to HR teams and managers.

The Algoe Way

We most often provide consulting solutions for HR directors who already have strong internal resources and skills.   We provide them with our experience, expertise and innovative methods to help them succeed in their projects.  
Algoé consultants know how to organise the division of relevant roles between the HR Director, HR Manager and different positions, and software publishers if necessary.

Algoé supports HR Directors in 3 important areas:
  • Effectiveness of HR policies
  • Involvement of stakeholders in HR processes
  • Development of innovative tools
jobs and skills
careers, talent management
professional development
HR department organisation
development of the HR profession
social dialogue
career prospects and skills
Our insight helps answer these frequently-asked questions from our clients:
How can we redesign our HR policy to reflect shifts in our strategy, especially during restructuring?
How can we implement new HR systems while training and involving managers?
How can we make the right choices in the social dialogue of tomorrow (through cooperative or joint efforts) and use this dialogue to drive performance?
How can we prepare and negotiate an innovative, sound classification agreement?
How can the renewal of our QWL approach boost employee engagement and the performance of our organisation?
How can we adopt a practical, proactive approach to jobs and skills which can be shared with managers?
How can we further boost internal mobility?
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