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Industrial and Service Companies
Every day companies are becoming more open, extended, collaborative, connected through various channels and are increasingly attentive to their customers. Their performances require an organisation with people at the centre, while also taking account of digital, social and environmental issues.
Against this backdrop, our priorities are focused on five major areas:
  • Being proactive in the production of products and services: faster and tailored
  • Questioning the buzz word “company of the future”
  • Taking advantage of digital solutions
  • Developing innovative organisational models
  • Attracting and retaining talent in a competitive global environment
Our practices are especially directed towards:
  • Modelling, choosing and setting up new organisations: structure, process, governance
  • Organisation and coordination of tangible and intangible investment projects
  • Structuring and managing portfolios of innovative projects
  • Combining quality of working life and performance
  • Developing new managerial practices in light of the transformation of organisations (digital, agility, horizontality, flexibility, autonomy etc.)
  • Operational excellence for industries and services
Our clients value our excellence in:
  • Our ability to ensure the success of the most complicated programmes
  • Our guide to best practices for innovation management, based on the experience of our national and European clients
  • Our efforts to truly take account of the human factor and social dialogue in planning and managing transformations.
  • Our ability to manage collaborative innovative projects involving all of the industry’s ecosystems
  • Our expertise in motivating and engaging client teams
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